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Who Am I?

Hi guys! I thought it was about time I told you more about myself. I am not just the owner of Le Rêve Makeup & Hair, I am not just a makeup artist and hairstylist. I am so much more than that. I don’t just want my clients to choose our services because we are great at what we do. I want you to love us, for who we are, the personalities we have and the love we have for others.

So, Hello! I was born and raised in southern, OH. I have three siblings, two sisters and a brother, I’m the baby! I grew up in a large, loving family. We have family dinners, we all attend school events, sporting events, dances, and my family pretty much does everything together. Growing up I was not a princess, my nickname was and might still be “The Animal!” I played soccer growing up and I was maybe a little too rough on the soccer field. I liked to get dirty and push people out of my way! I had a normal childhood, playing a lot of sports and running around with my siblings and their friends.

As I grew up, each year I became less of the animal and more of a fashionista. I love music, singing was my life in Jr. High School and High School. I took vocal lessons for about 6 years. At one point in my life, I had the normal dream, trying out for American Idol and becoming a star! Music has always had a special place in my heart. I seriously considered being a theater major in college. In High School, I was on the honor roll and took my schooling very seriously. No one saw my career choice coming! After High School, I attended Ohio University- Chillicothe. I was mostly undecided in my major. I was taking classes for Business and Fashion Marketing. I never really wanted to go to college after high school. Not because I was not smart enough, I was the student that was supposed to be in the medical field, something big! I just knew my dream was to open a salon and be a makeup artist. I thought if I got a business degree first, then went to cosmetology school, this would be the best option. After about two years of schooling, I left OUC and went to cosmetology school at The Ohio State School of Cosmetology. I was beyond ready to get into a salon to understand the hair and makeup world. I thought, if I work in a salon and understand how to manage one, I can open one! My experiences working in salons absolutely set me up for success in running my own on-site company.

I don’t just want you to know the timeline throughout my life to this point. I want you to know me.

I grew up a Christian. I love church, God is the center of my life, my business, my marriage, everything.

I am a married woman, to a loving, selfless, caring, devoted, God loving man. My husband and I have three beautiful and fluffy cats. I am a major cat lady. I loved cats from the moment I could walk. Growing up I tried to save every cat on the street.That’s not all. I have two Great Danes. They are both the sweetest girls. They are huge, extremely loving and they adore the cats. It’s pretty cute to watch a cat and a Great Dane sleep with each other.

More fun random facts:

I am a clean freak, I need everything in my house to be put in the correct spot and I feel the need to deep clean my house at least once a week. Usually twice!

I love to workout. I don’t really look like I love it, my problem is chocolate. Ha-ha! I work out at least 5 days a week usually 6 days. I have done every type of workout. I love high cardio, very intense workouts. I need to feel like I am about to die! Desserts are my major weakness, I am a pretty clean eater, I do not eat fast food, drink pop, etc. My diet day to day is pretty healthy but I fall very short when it comes to sweets. I could blame this on my family. Growing up my dad loved desserts and he loved to workout. My whole family is very much into fitness. We had a weight room in our house growing up. But we all love our desserts. My sister is an incredible baker. Every family dinner or special event, desserts are the main worries in our family. Still are!

I plan my day out down to the second, I write a pro and con list, I rethink every situation before I make a decision, and I talk every business idea out with my husband.

I’m extremely competitive, it can be playing sports or a game of monopoly, I take it very seriously.

So there you have it, a look inside my personality. I’m a wife, makeup artist, hairstylist, singer, cat lady, Great Dane lover, workout nut, chocolate eating, christian, family first, business owner!

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