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Why Hire Us?

Why us? Let Me Tell you!

 Choosing the right makeup and hair team is extremely important on your wedding day. You are hiring a professional photographer, right? A professional florist, DJ, planner and venue, right? So why would you do your own makeup and/or hair? You are trusting all these professional to give you the best service on your wedding day, why would you become the “professional” for your makeup and/or hair?

 Here are 1reasons you need our team:

 1.     We are educated. We attended schooling for makeup, hair and skin. That makes us professional artists. We have spent thousands of dollars to receive our license and even more hours of developing our skills.  

2.     We care! We care more about you than you will know. Building lasting relationships with our brides is our top priority! 

3.     We have professional kits! Not drug store products, we carry high end products, the best of the best.  

4.     We understand lighting. We know how your makeup will be affected inside the yellow lighted bridal suite or the harsh sunlight. We know how to give you the correct tones to make sure your makeup looks perfect on camera.  

5.     We know all the right products for your hair that “doesn’t hold a curl!”

6.     We are on time! We make a timeline for the wedding day. We keep you and your ladies on schedule. This means pictures start on time and you will be dancing the night away…on time!  

7.    We keep our conversations professional. We will talk if you want to talk, we will be quit if you want it to be quit and we know exactly what to say when you are about to cry from all the stress of the morning.

8.     We have worked hundreds of weddings. We have seen it all, done it all and NOTHING will surprise us. 

9.     We provide a luxury experience that will make your wedding morning unforgettable.

10. We travel to you!  

11. We understand HD cameras/technically. This does affect your makeup and hair!

12.  We know how other vendors think. We can be a planner, photographer and DJ all in one moment. From helping you solve a problem the morning of, to reminding you to bring the Bluetooth music and remaining you to pull down your bra strap before they cause an impression in your skin that will show in the camera!  

13. This isn’t a hobby! This is our career and our passion! We are an LLC., we are a true company that will make customer service our priority and make sure you love your makeup and hair look.

14.  We have a large team to accommodate weddings of all sizes.

15.  We believe that every woman is beautifully, wonderfully and fearfully made.




Le Rêve Beauty Team

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