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The Makeup Light

Lights, camera…I Do!


If you are a professional makeup artist, you can’t continue to work on brides without a proper lighting system. This will be a game changer for you. My number one choice for lighting always has and always will be The Makeup Light. I used to show up to dark homes, hotel rooms and venues trying to correctly color match a bride, what a nightmare! The first time I used my makeup light, I knew I would never go back! The Makeup Light will change your skill level, it will make you a better artist and your brides will love it.


Why should I spend all this money on The Makeup Light? Let me tell you.


1.     It’s worth it! I told you that your skills will improve and I am NOT kidding. You will see makeup in a whole new light, seriously though.

2.     It makes you more professional. Showing up with your own lighting is what a true “makeup artist” would do. Your brides will love it!

3.     The Makeup Light is easy to travel with. I can get my light in one bag and I throw that bag on my back. Sometimes I even throw in some extra supplies in my makeup light bag.

4.     You never have to worry again about the area you are working in. You will always have enough light.

5.     The light is just the right hue. It will help you match your brides skin tones even better. You can see EVERYTHING on the bride’s face, it’s worth it! Did I say that already?

6.     One wedding will pay for the light! Don’t say it’s too much money. If you are charging for professional services, you MUST give your brides a full professional service. This means lighting as well.

7.     It comes in different colors to fit any personality. My business color is red and I have the red light!

I promise, this will change your life. Don’t wait, you can order your light here:

The Makeup Light

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