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Our Core Values

To our future clients, this blog is all for you. My name is Hanna, I am the owner of Le Reve Makeup & Hair. I am a professional makeup artist, hairstylist & entrepreneur. I have been in the beauty industry for 13 years! Through trial and error, lots of continuing education & tons of faith, I have built a beautiful empowering team of professional artists. Throughout this journey I have always had core values, however, I have never truly stated them for all to read. As I am growing my team and expanding our company, I have made it clear to our team members, our company’s values and I want to make it clear to our clients & the professionals we work beside.


We strive for so much more than providing luxury makeup and hair services. We have and always will provide the highest quality of customer experience. When you work with our team, you don’t just walk away feeling beautiful, you walk away feeling loved, valued & with a new friendship. We are about connecting with our clients; we want to encourage you & empower you to chase your dreams.

This is what we stand for:

Compassionate: We truly care for people & believe in loving everyone. Our goal is to make you feel beautiful, valued, seen, loved & heard.

Trustworthy: Everything we do is with an honest heart & mind. Faith is the base of our company, every decision we make is prayed upon and make with a clear and honest mind. We want our clients to know they are in good hands of honest, hardworking artists who believe that respect goes two ways. We are dependable, reliable & responsible.

Integrity: Behind closed doors, we are the same team. We behave honorably & follow through on our commitments. We are gracious & positive. We believe in a very strong work ethic.

Courageous: We are brave. We have and will always follow our dreams. Our team believes in setting goals and achieving them. We face our fears head on and we don’t look back. We give to other and strive to be selfless in all that we do.


We can’t wait to connect with you!

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