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What Would You Tell Your High School Self?

Man, I would say so much, wouldn’t you? Hi, I am Hanna, I am the owner and founder of Le Rêve and I am so happy to talk with you about this subject. We have a podcast, it’s called Dreaming Beautifully, check it out! Our latest episode was all about this, talking to your younger self. Claire, my co-host and I go deep into this subject. We got very personal and real with our listeners. We believe that life is too short to wake up dreading heading to work. We want to inspire you to dream bigger and believe in yourself.


Since I was young, I have always been a dreamer. I have no idea where I got this but I was never scared to have big dreams. However, I didn’t always listen to my gut. I let people around me influence my timing and decisions. It’s so easy to choose the safe route, it’s easy to listen to people around you that have never tired anything adventurous. Playing it safe is fun for a lot of people and it’s easy to take the same road. However, we want to encourage you to dream bigger and take that leap! Life is so very short; you should have a career that you’re truly passionate about. You should wake up every morning feeling excited for the day.


Chasing my dreams has made me a better person, friend, wife and leader. I failed many times but that also made me stronger and encouraged me to keep fighting. Someday when everything you wanted just falls into place, that feeling is so magical. It’s a feeling you can never explain. I would start all over and face every obstacle all over again, for the feeling I have and had the moment it all finally clicked. I want that for you, so bad! I want to encourage you to live a life full of dreams and adventures. You are worthy of that.


Maybe you’re 45 years old and you wish you could tell your 30-year-old self this, it’s never too late. Don’t keep punching a clock for a career that brings zero joy to your life. All the money in the world, doesn’t bring happiness. Just look at celebrities, they have it all at their fingertips and yet so many of them are sad and depressed. I promise you, you will be able to provide for your family, it will all work out, because when there is passion behind every decision and every turn, you will achieve your dreams and everything will fall into place.


Start that business, change your career, be different, go to trade school, go to college, whatever it is, do it because this is what you truly love and feel passionate about. Once day you will look back and be so happy that you took the road less traveled, I promise you.


Head over to our podcast and listen to our stories and let us encourage you. Reach out to us, send us a message, we would love to give you advice and hear your dreams. We want to be there to support you!

The Dreaming Beautifully Podcast

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