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Why Are Wedding Mornings So Early?

We seem to get the same reaction a lot, I mean a lot, when we tell our brides that we need to start at 7am. So, let’s talk about makeup and hair timelines for a wedding day and why the wedding day morning has to be so early.

 Our company makes a timeline for every single wedding we attend. We love to keep the day organized and obviously on time. We wish services could be done in a few minutes but that just isn’t realistic. We provide a luxury and high-quality service. We will not rush anyone’s hair or makeup. We value our clients and want to give the best to every single person in the wedding party. We want to make sure everyone walks away feeling beautiful. Which means we give as much time as possible to each bridal party member. We know that you work very hard for your money and you are paying for a service and we want to give you the best service possible.

 On the wedding day we will arrive 15 minutes early to set up. It takes time to get organized. The more organized we are, the better the flow of the day will go. Then we will book 45 minutes per service for all bridal party members. What does that mean? That means we will spend 45 minutes on your makeup and then another 45 minutes on your hair. That means one bridal party member alone can take an hour and a half. Now multiple that by 10 girls!  

Then for the bride we book an hour per service, so an hour for makeup and an hour for hair. We spend at least 2 hours with our brides. That’s not all, we spend an extra 15-20 minutes with our brides providing them a curl set for their hair. If their style needs a curl set then we will be with our brides for at least 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Then we take the number of ladies needing services and the end time the bride provided and we make the timeline. We ask that each bride give us an “end time” for makeup and hair. We always tell our brides to leave time for putting on your dress, shoes, jewelry, packing up, whatever it may be. You will never finish makeup and hair and then just be ready to walk down the aisle. There are always little things that need to be done. When the brides provide the end time, we take that time and end our timeline at least 30 minutes prior. We like to have a little wiggle room. We want to have time for payments, touch ups and then to clean up and leave. Don’t forget you can’t just leave when your services are done, we are there. HaHa We need time to pack our bags and get out of our brides’ way as fast as possible.

We will list every name and service that each bridal party member is receiving. Every bridal party member will know what time their services start and end. Everyone will know when to arrive and how the day will flow. I know our photographers greatly appreciate this. We know that everyone’s time is extremely valuable. If we are on time then your pictures are on time and then the ceremony is on time and the reception is on time. Every single moment in that day follows the hair and makeup. If we are behind, we could cause the whole day to be off. That is why we are extremely strict on our time frame and organizing our day with our brides.

We want your day to be perfect and magical. In order for us to do that, we not only want to provide a great makeup and hair experience but we want to make sure there is zero worry or stress when it comes to the day of services and time frame!

 As a bride you can do the math, take the number of services, not ladies. If you have 10 ladies and they all want makeup and hair then we have 20 services. Take that 20 services and multiple that by 45 minutes then add on 2 hours at least for your bridal services. When we have large wedding parties, we do break down that time by adding multiple artist. Hey, we don’t like to wake up too early either! HaHa

This is why the wedding day morning is so early! We promise that getting up that early will be worth it! It’s your wedding day, you won’t be able to sleep well anyways the night before. Don’t worry we can cover up your tired eyes! I know that can seem overwhelming but you will be so excited for the day that it will fly by. You won’t regret waking up early if you look back at your pictures and see how beautiful everyone looked!

 I hope this give you some insight on how the wedding day morning should be organized for makeup and hair services and helps you be prepared for your big day!

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